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"Galant was a word frequently used throughout the eighteenth century. It covers a number of traits, attitudes, and manners associated with the highly educated nobility. The term ‘Galant music’ (nowadays often referring to music between roughly 1720 and 1780) alludes, then, to the works commissioned by these noble men and women, with the purpose of education, amusement and entertainment." 


Vinicius Perez


"...Das Ergebnis ist ein außergewöhnliches Klangerlebnis, bestimmt durch die inspirierende Abgeschiedenheit des Schweizer Klosters und den transparenten, filigranen Klang der Laute..."


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The Galant Lute


      Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)

      Sonata in C (Divertimento) Hob XVI:10 Arrangement: Vinícius Perez

  1. I Moderato 

  2. II Menuetto – Trio – Menuetto 

  3. III Finale 

    Karl Kohaut (1726–1784)
    Sonata à Luito Solo in D Major

  4. I Adagio 

  5. II Allegro 

  6. III Menuetto – Trio 

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791)

    Divertimento KV 439b/II Arrangement: Vinícius Perez

  7. I Allegro 

  8. II Menuetto – Trio – Menuetto 

  9. III Larghetto 

  10. IV Menuetto – Trio – Menuetto 

  11. V Rondo 

    Christian Gottlieb Scheidler (1747–1829)

    Thème de Mozart varié par Scheidler

  12. Variationen / Variations I–XII 



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